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Nestells Enterprises
Clarksville, TX  

Our truck was losing power, blowing black smoke and our mileage had dropped to approximately 3 miles to a gallon.  We kept having to change the fuel filters between the regular oil changes.  Then, during the next scheduled oil change, we noticed a "sludge like" substance on the top of the fuel filter.  After numerous conversations with various mechanics we were at a loss as to what the solution would be.  One mechanic suggested it may be an algae problem which would require removing the tanks and steam cleaning them - which would be a time consuming and expensive proposition.

Nestells Enterprise

Eric Pozner
Regional Sales Manager
U.S. Automotive Parts Group
NAPA Southern Division 

After talking with Max and getting a sample of your product, I dumped a ¼ oz in my 1984 Mercedes 300D, which sits in the driveway until I need chlorine for my pool and usually smokes the whole 2 miles to the pool store when I use it. since I started putting your product in the car it doesn't smoke anymore and it accelerates like a gasoline car!  I actually drive the car all the time now. 

Ronnie Greer
Entact Service - Friendswood Texas

Sept - 2005
I just thought I would give you an update on the Algae-x magnetic fuel conditioner. I currently have 201000.00 plus miles on my 2000 model F-350 Ford. At 202000 I will have 150000.00 miles on the same fuel filter. I have had no problems. I did buy a filter about 3 months ago but it is still rolling around under the seat. I average 18.5 MPG on the road, driving 65 mph. that is not bad for an F-350 Crew Cab 4x4. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I will let you know when I decide to change out the fuel filter.

GVU Utrecht - Netherlands
In may 2004, management of the Vehicle Maintenance Department of the City of Utrecht's Public Transportation Corporation were very enthusiastically presented with an opportunity to save fuel, reduce emissions and extend periodic filter change intervals. In summary a proposal that would be beneficial for our bottom line (fuel savings), the environment (particulate and gaseous emissions) and filter maintenance intervals. We would realize all of this by simply installing a technical "aid", called an Algae-X 500, in the fuel line of our company buses.

Alexis Desroches  - Haiti
The fuel we get in Haiti is not always great. I had to change the fuel filter on my Mitsubishi Montero at least every 3 months. Four years ago I installed an LG-X200 Fuel Conditioner on my Montero. I purchased the unit from Behrmann Motors who are the authorized Mitsubishi, Ford, Kia and Volkswagen Dealers for Haiti . It has proven to be the best thing I ever did for my vehicle.

Steve Edwards / Edwards Filtration . . .
the MTC 3000 performed flawlessly and proved itself well-designed for a task this large, the other point was that I treated the tank midway through the first day with 2 gallons of AFC-705 with a great deal of hope because the fuel had been in the tank without treatment for 8 years and was very dirty. We had a gap of several days because of rain before I could complete the second day and I was absolutely stunned at what AFC-705 had done with the fuel in the interim. It made the second day a cinch.

Eco Sound Eco Sound
We tested an unit on a marine fork lift from October 1999 to November 1999. the fork lift used had a Caterpillar 3208 diesel engine. As a result of the installation of the , we had a reduction of up to 50% in the exhaust opacity throughout the entire RPM range.

Kenworth, Foden Agency Ltd. - Israel
The fuel from the truck without Algae-X is very dark and the fuel sample from the truck with ALGAE-X is "clear and bright".

Logitrans S.A.Logitrans S.A.
Acondicionador MagnéticoAlgae-X LGX-500, con el cual hemos obtenido beneficios de ahorro de combustible hasta de diez por ciento (10%), el periodo de cambio de filtros se ha extendido de 16.000 kms a 30.000 kms.

Florida Detroit Diesel-AllisonFlorida Detroit Diesel-Allison
We, at all eight Florida Detroit Diesel - Allison locations, highly recommend the Algae-X Magnetic Fuel devices installed on all diesel applications including trucks, RV's, marine, stationary, transit, coach, pick-up, emergency, and school bus as well as off road equipment.

Waste Management/Gulf Disposal
We are happy to report that having installed the Algae-X magnetic fuel devices on our fleet of forty trucks in December of 2001, we have experienced significant cost savings and less down time. The quick installation and no maintenance got us off to a good start.

T&T Trucking Inc.T&T Trucking Inc.
The test comparison ran for Nov 2001 increased to 8.2 miles per gallon and the Jan 2002 test showed an average of 7.14 miles per gallon. This is a substantial savings in fuel costs to us, which in turn increases our trucks efficiency.

Leonard S. Tanaka
With these kinds of results and the recommendation from our mechanic, T & T Electric, Inc., will be budgeting funds to install the Algae-X on all of our diesel-powered trucks, backhoes, cranes and equipment over the course of the year.

Palmer Bedding Co., Inc.Palmer Bedding Co., Inc.
The performance of my 1999 GMC Yukon (80,000 miles) is now beautiful . . . I am also getting an extra 40-50 miles per tank.

Accurate AutoAccurate Auto
Since I installed the Algae-X unit, I have no smoke on upgrade pulls, and my pyrometer shows my turbo is running cooler. Best of all though is my fuel savings - I am now averaging 6.2 MPG!! That equals a savings of $688.00 over the first three months.

Pitt ConstructionPitt Construction
Since the mileage on our American Dream Coach is up 2 miles to the gallon, with no smoke and more power. We are so impressed with the LG-X unit that we have it on all of our trucks and are getting ready to install it on our equipment.

Ron Taylor ToursRon Taylor Tours
Since we have installed Algae-X on our Prevost H-340, 50 passenger bus, we have seen a steady improvement in fuel consumption. According to our fuel records, we will show a savings of 1,736 gallons of fuel per year.

Val Aker
Since the installation of the Algae-X fuel system on our Windsor motor home six months ago, we have seen increased fuel and engine performance.

Russ Westcott
Just a note to let you know that I've told a number of people about Algae-X and my satisfaction with the unit. I got some increase in mileage but the thing I was most pleased with was the drastic reduction in smoke from my engine.

John Frese
Norway, IA

As one who keep meticulous records of fuel use and maintenance, I was pleasantly surprised to discover my 500 Hp Detroit Diesel engine uses 7% less fuel than before the Algae-X unit was put in the fuel line. Also, since I installed the Algae-X unit, my generator and heater produce alot less smoke and the odors are not obnoxious at all. The results of your products in my RV are nothing less than FANTASTIC!

G. Merrill Andrus, PH.D.
11 April, 2001

In new engines & boilers, the use of Algae-X AFC 705, will significantly diminish the formation and deposits of V2O5 and therefore prevent production of SO, and the resultant acids. This clearly and significantly diminishes engine damage caused by acidic erosion

Grand Banks Transportation ServicesGrand Banks Transportation Services
George G. Bonagura - Clarksville, TN

Prior to installing Algae-X , my filter had to be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Since Algae-X , power has increased 5%, which is amazing! The Algae-X unit installed on any truck engine would be an asset.

1994 Chevrolet Surburan1994 Chevrolet Surburan
George & Sheri Tomaszewski - Fountain Hills, AZ

Our 1994 Chevrolet Surburan failed the Arizona emissions test. After installing an Algae-X LG-X 200, we had the truck retested. The second reading on the opacity level was 4.1%, a dramatic drop from the original reading of 100%.

1999 American Eagle1999 American Eagle
George & Sheri Tomaszewski - Fountain Hills, AZ

Since installing an Algae-X unit, we are now averaging 7.6 to 7.75 MPG, with a noticeable improvement in power on acceleration.

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