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Cummins Mid-South
Over the past several years many of our clients have experienced significant results by using the ALGAE-X In-Line Fuel Conditioners on their diesel engines. The most noted benefits reported by our customers have been extended filter & injector life, lower exhaust temperatures , and reduced emissions.
Cummins Mid-South

Eric Pozner
Regional Sales Manager
U.S. Automotive Parts Group
NAPA Southern Division 

After talking with Max and getting a sample of your product, I dumped a ¼ oz in my 1984 Mercedes 300D, which sits in the driveway until I need chlorine for my pool and usually smokes the whole 2 miles to the pool store when I use it. since I started putting your product in the car it doesn't smoke anymore and it accelerates like a gasoline car!  I actually drive the car all the time now. 

Sunsail Charters
Rarely do you meet anyone who owns 1000 yachts and sailboats. When they speak, we listen! Earlier this year the largest charter company in the world made Algae-X Fuel Conditioners and AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst standard equipment on all new vessels. How many is that? Approximately 250 new yachts a year! Staggering figures for most companies, but not for Sunsail Charter whom already owns over 1000 yachts and sailboats, it's small change.

David C. Devall
Here are some pictures of the m/v David c. Devall. We installed some new algae x 500 on the main engines. This is the boat that went down earlier this year in the Houston ship channel. We totally re-furbished the boat from top to bottom. This boat had Volvo engines 4 years ago. We were going and replacing the nozzles every 2 months. We installed the algae x boxes and that solved that problem. We now have Cummins main engines @ 600 hp each. After placing the algae-x boxes on most all our fleet, we solved all our fuel problems. (Its bad when you have a boat in the middle of know where and it goes down due to fuel contaminated). After we started installing the algae-x boxes, that problem has gone away. Thanks, mike Devall 

Ralph Price
I was very impressed by your explanation of the operation of the Algae-X units. I have installed three units, two LG-X 500's and one LG-X 200, on my mains and the generator. Total time for installation was less than one hour. I used one bottle of AFC-705 in each tank when I fueled a couple of days later as you had instructed.

James Perrine
I am happy to report that I just completed a 1400 mile voyage with our new ('98) Riviera 34 - from Long Beach, CA to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Everything worked fine on the boat - especially the Algae-X equipment (LGX 500's & FPS-500), and the 705 additive.

Hartley S. "Skip" Newman
The fuel tank was growing "black Jell-O" and clogging the Racor fuel filters. The engine would then give me grief until I changed out the filters and three months later it would do it all over again again. Always seemed to happen when the weather conditions were the worst and the boat was pitching and rolling and the fuel was sloshing around the tank. I installed an Algae-X fuel polishing system on the boat and put the Algae-x fuel catalyst in the tank and never had a fuel related problem again.

Calvin F. Kendig Jr
Well the Algae-X system has been installed just about a month now and the difference is astounding! The first thing I noticed immediately was a major reduction in transom soot, (at least 75%). In fact on short sunset trips I find no soot what so ever.

My fuel consumption has dropped almost 8% which is amazing since this is a relatively new engine.

Calvin F. Kendig Jr

Roger S. Young
First I want to tell you that the fuel management system really does work as you said it would. I, at first, thought it wasn't working because I still had the smoking problem at high RPM's but as you stated, after three tanks of diesel fuel the black smoke cleared and the engines are running excellent at any RPM.

Westrec Marinas
I installed the Algae-X model 200 on all of our tenders and used the fuel conditioner. Within a week the problem went away. I have not changed fuel filters for the rest of the season. The aggravation factor and complaints went away.

Occoquan Yacht Club
We are currently purchasing the Carver 570 Voyager, with Cummins QSM-11, 660hp engines and you can rest assured that the Algae-x's will be on both mains and genset at delivery. People that say this is marketing hype and have never used them nor witnessed the results...

Based on my experience, I would recommend the Algae-X system to anyone with diesels, especially those who, like myself, must put their boat in storage for long periods of time.

Scott Fuller
Engines have a crisper noise at idle and seem to idle better.

Captain Brech Kaiffman
I was very skeptical of using a magnetic device, but I must tell you, I am a believer now and so are many of my travel mates.

Deep Sea Trolling Adventures
Before installing Algae-x, my boat would not come up on plane and I was laying a horrible cloud of thick, smelly, black smoke. I have now had the unit in service for about a month, and it seems the boat runs better each time I take it out. My fuel economy has improved, the smoke problem has all but disappeared, the engines are quieter and smoother, and my top speed has increased over 20% to over 40 mph.
Deep Sea Trolling Adventures

Roy Foster
I have used Algae-X units on both of my 50 hp Yanmar engines with stunning results. Only out of habit do I replace my Racor fuel filters about every 12 months, but they are generally still reasonably clean in appearance and probably do not need replacement.

Sound Shore
With the Algae-X devices in place and routine use of the AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst, dirty fuel is one less problem I have to be concerned with.
Sound Shore

Jim Lyons
I was amazed by the almost instant improvement we experienced with the installation of your Algae-X units. I just got back from a Bahamas trip and the transom soot was 50% of what it used to be even with clean fuel!!! Bottom line is your product works great!

Delta Dawn
Morehead City, NC

Prior to installing Algae-X, I was changing my filters every 35 to 50 hours, my fuel restriction gauge would reach 7" of vacuum and my filters would get black as charcoal. After installing Algae-X, my filters get between 125 and 150 hours, my fuel restriction has not reached above 5" of vacuum and my filters after 150 hours are reddish brown.
Delta Dawn

Seaford Yacht Club
Frank Allison - Seaford, VA

Last year I installed an Algae-X 500 unit and an Algae-X AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst to my 41" Hatteras Sport Fisherman. Because I am burning cleaner fuel I have eliminated the dirty transom problem caused by smoking diesel fuel and my fuel consumption has dropped from 22 to about 20 gallons per hour.

Marine Trader
Michael Barber - Fairport, NY

After I went 'Dead in the Water' in August, I installed one of your Algae-X units. I also added AFC-705 this spring before launching. No more slime or gunk, and each time I checked, my filters were clean. Algae-X works Great!

Snake Oil Chronicles
This is the results of a test of the Algae-X units on 45' Hatteras. I may not understand how or why it works, but I'm sold!
Snake Oil Chronicles

Bertram 31
Vic Roy - Baton Rouge, LA

Normally I would get an inch of crud out of each filter after about 50 hours, but after installing Algae-x, NOTHING. I could never get 100 hours out of a 30 micron Racor 500 cartridge before, and now I'm up to 150 and counting. Plus, the smoke is greatly reduced, the exhaust smells cleaner, and - here's the best of all - fuel economy is up over 10%.

Pearson 390 Yacht
Mike Hatch

I can only say the Algae-X unit with AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst has done a miraculous job.

MV Casino Princesa
Greg Howe, Port Engineer - Miami, FL

Subsequent to Algae-X units, filter change intervals have increased from 100 to 750 hours. Combined with the AFC-705 catalyst, we have noted a reduction of smoke of approx. 80%, and a fuel consumption reduction of 20%. There are also no signs of carbon deposits on injectors or turbos . . . before Algae-x, these components required service every 4-6 months . . . the increase in filter life and fuel economy alone is saving us over $50,000 per year !!

47" Bayliner
Jim Shearer

Since Algae-x, on my first fill up I burned 15 gal/hr and the second fill up was 14.4 gal/hr. My old numbers being about 18-20 gal/hr. That is a 16.7% and 20% increase in fuel efficiency respectively.

Safe/Sea Marine Rescue & Assistance
John Andrews - Wickford, RI

All of Safe/Sea's diesel rescue vessels have your excellent units installed either as original equipment or retrofitted. We have had no fuel contamination problems since we started using Algae-X. We conduct over 1000 quick response rescues each year and reliable service from our equipment is critical. Your LG-X 400 is a key component to helping us meet this reliability goal.

46 Post
Gordy Sulcer

Before installing Algae-X, I could barely run the boat for 10 hours, without clogging my fuel filters.

M/Y Melimar
Captain Jon R. Christainsen

Since installing the Algae-X unit, we have reduced fuel consumption to approximately 100 gallons per hour at the same RPM.

Michael Silverman
Boston, MA

My boat was having a major smoke problem, leaving terrible residue on my transom. After trying several expensive alternatives, I installed Algae-X. Take it from a person who almost traded his boat, it really works.

Gerald M. Hill
U.S. Coast Guard, Retired

Conclusion: The Algae-X product does what Algae-X International says it can do, and then some. The fuel efficiencies and filter savings realized by these Cutters are impressive and significantly reduce operating costs. I could confidently say the Algae-X product is a NECESSARY component of any diesel, or lighter distillate fuel system.

Eco Sound
Michael Reardon, CEO

As a result of the installation of the Algae-X unit, we had a reduction of up to 50% in the exhaust opacity throughout the entire RPM range

Hines Farley Offshore Yachts, Inc.
Tom Beede, Purchasing Manager

I strongly recommend installing Algae-X to boat builders and owners.

Far Horizons
William Berlin, President - Seattle, WA

Algae-X is a superior product and will be standard OEM equipment on all of our vessels.

GASKI Boats Int'l
SF Chandler, President - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Welcomes Algae-X as standard equipment in the GASKI fuel systems. My Customers operate fishing vessels and other workboats. Performance and reliability are their primary concerns. Algae-X is a key element in our goal of providing state of the art fuel system and engine technology to our Customers.

Chuck Serra
After having such positive results, I decided not to have my tank cleaned. Thanks for putting out such a wonderful product.

Virginia Pilots Assn.
Mark Kampfmueller, Port Engineer - Virginia Beach, VA

Had been changing fuel filters at 50-100 hours before installing Algae-X. Almost immediately after Algae-X units were installed, Mark saw a very noticeable difference in engine performance and filter consumption. Now filters are changed at normal intervals and transoms no longer turn black due to exhaust gasses.

Bay Gulf Towing
Katherine Wright, Vice President - Norfolk, VA

Since installing Algae-X, we have not seen evidence of fuel contamination, and have realized cost savings by eliminating the use of biocides and lower Racor Filter usage.

Pacific Marine Engineering
Steve Danaher, Owner P.M.E. - Long Beach, CA

We had a 53' Hatteras that had a significant fuel contamination problem, and the filters were getting clogged in as little as 50 hours of operation. We installed some Algae-X 1000's, and after only about 20 hours of monitoring the fuel filters, they were as clean as new.

MV Avalon
Captain Gerry Robertson - Sausalito, CA

This 70' Charter Yacht skipper solved his smoking engines and fuel filtration problems with Algae-x. He is happy to have seen his fuel return to a clear & bright amber color.

Crusader Boats
Andy Grant, President - Miami, FL

We were called upon to fix a fuel problem on a 6-year-old boat, and we found that one engine and an Algae-X unit installed in the fuel line. The other engine was the one having the fuel problems and did not have an Algae-X, so we installed a unit. This solved the filtration problem for our customer. We now install Algae-X on all the new boats we build.

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