Clogged fuel filter
Nestells Enterprises, LLC 

Nestells Enterprises, LLC  
Clarksville, TX

Diesel Fuel Doctor,

Thank you for all your help and support with our problem!

Our truck was losing power, blowing black smoke and our mileage had dropped to approximately 3 miles to a gallon.  We kept having to change the fuel filters between the regular oil changes.  Then, during the next scheduled oil change, we noticed a "sludge like" substance on the top of the fuel filter.  After numerous conversations with various mechanics we were at a loss as to what the solution would be.  One mechanic suggested it may be an algae problem which would require removing the tanks and steam cleaning them - which would be a time consuming and expensive proposition.  

We then decided to look on the internet for some sort of algae killing chemical solution.  This is when we discovered your website.  Once on your website, we saw pictures that were identical to what we had on our filters and the same exact symptoms we were experiencing.  So we immediately call Torre Miller of Diesel Fuel Doctor.

Torre not only understood our problem, but had the solution.  He immediately over-nighted 2 bottles of the "Algae killer" solution AFC-705 and the LG-X 1500 unit.  The AFC-705 is a solution that we added to our fuel tanks.  The LG-X1500 unit is the part that will keep it clean. 

We weren't sure this would work, but we had to try something.  To our pleasant surprise "IT WORKED," better than expected.  Plus it was easy to install ourselves, it took less than ½ hour.  After running  through 3 tanks of fuel and changing the fuel filter one more time, the problem is solved.  We are now getting 5.77 miles per gallon with no power problems and no black smoke.  Upon visual inspection of the tanks there is no sign of any algae.  With fuel at close to $4.00 a gallon this is a big savings .

Since having this problem we have found out that the low sulfur diesel fuel is known for breeding algae, so just adding the solution is not enough.  The LG-X1500 unit will keep us from having this problem again by removing all the impurities in today's' fuel.  We thought we were safe by purchasing fuel at national chains and not the smaller stations, but that is not the case, algae can form in any diesel fuel.  We also discovered that a friend of ours had this problem, too.  He put 9 gallons of an algae killer (a different product at $30.00 a gallon) in his tanks before it cleared up and it is a fact that the problem will reoccur eventually. 

THANKS DIESEL FUEL DOCTOR…..we will highly recommend your products to anyone.


Robert & Marleen Nestell

Nestells Enterprises, LLC 
Nestells Enterprises, LLC 
Nestells Enterprises, LLC 
Nestells Enterprises, LLC 

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