Clogged fuel filter

Installation of ALGAE-X Fuel System in cooperation with RODCO Power Products:

Date of Installation:
Jan 2005
LG-X 500 & 3000 units
AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst 55 Gallon Drum
Harvey Warhorse • Louisiana
Use: Offshore Tug
Vessel Facts:

2 x EMD 20-710-G7B,  5000 BHP @ 900 RPM
3 x Cummins Gensets
1 - V892 - Wench Engine
140,000 Gallons of AFC Treated Fuel

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Diesel Fuel Spill Prevention

C.I.Agent can be used to treat spills or as a preventative measure where a spill is likely to occur in many applications. 

C.I.Agent is a powder that can be put on spills such as oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, transmission oil, and any other petroleum based fluid, and it will solidify it into a rubber-like mass mass. Then the solidified product can be used as a fuel or sold to companies that produce as a filler to add strength and flexibility to their products. If you choose to, in most cases, the waste can just be thrown away!

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