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Diesel Fuel Polishing
Diesel Fuel Doctor Services:

• Hospital Generators

• Fuel Storage Tanks

• Underground Fuel Storage Tanks

• All Sized Ships or Boats

• Spill Plans Available (SPCC Plans)

• Anything that runs on diesel....


Clean Fuel Means:

• No More Clogged Filters

• Lower Emissions & Fuel Consumption

• Lower Operating Costs

• Reduced Maintenance & Downtime

• Increased Safety & Reliability

• Eliminate & Prevent Carbon Deposits


Call us today and we will evaluate what your problem is and provide you with the service or solution you need to get back on track!

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See How it Works!

We Know Diesel Fuel!

Diesel Fuel Doctor provides innovative, cost effective products and services to users of diesel fuel in an effort to reduce fuel related maintenance costs, fuel consumption, and emissions.

What does that mean to YOU?

Less drama and lowered costs!  No unexpected shutdowns because of bad fuel.  Less smoke and soot from your exhaust, and lowered fuel consumption.  No matter how you use or store diesel (or bio-diesel!), we can help maintain your fuel quality!

Diesel Fuel Related Problems Diesel Fuel Doctor on Facebook

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We are growing fatser than ever and need dealers throughout the world.


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